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To fully understand how to use each of our products click on and read the complete directions below (or download them if you wish).


  • Observation form:  Observing and evaluating Rocket Math during practice--a must for principals who want Rocket Math to run effectively in their schools.


  • 2015 Individual Student Graph.  An adjustable graph on which to record the results of the 2-minute progress monitoring timings. Start the vertical axis of the graph where the student begins at the start of the year and there will be enough room for the year's growth. 
  • Rocket Math Progress Aimlines.  If you indicate on this graph the week in which the student finishes each set in Rocket Math you can tell if the student is making enough progress, or if he/she needs to be getting extra practice sessions each day.  If the student is working on a set above the line of gray boxes or on the line then progress is adequate.  Below the line means he/she needs intervention. 



  • Oops!  Multiplication Answer Keys had some errors until we caught them in March of 2014.  Here's the Set C Practice Answer Key corrected page you can download and print out.  Set D Practice answer key's corrected page is here.  Set Y corrected page is here. 



  • NEW!!  Rocket Charts for Rocket Writing for Numerals. By customer request we added special Rocket Charts to this program. 
  • Handouts for Training DVD.  Here are the handouts you will want to use to follow along with the training DVD to learn how to use the original, worksheet-based Rocket Math curriculum.