New Home version of Rocket Math Addition & Multiplication Apps

Rocket Math has come out with new HOME versions of its Rocket Math Addition and Rocket Math Multiplication apps. These allow home users to switch back and forth from the mission of learning addition/subtraction facts to the mission of learning multiplication/division facts on the same device. The two HOME versions are separate as they are in the school version.

How is the HOME version different from the school version you ask? Practice is exactly the same in both versions. The difference is that the HOME version allows users to download and try out the app for FREE. A user can work all the way up to Level K and really see what the app is like before being asked to pay for it. The cost is $2.99 (same as the school version) but it is through an in-app purchase which is why this app is not good for schools to download. After the in-app purchase the app continues through Level Z of the first operation and then moves on to the second operation.

We think that teachers can confidently recommend that parents try this free app at home, and then purchase it only after they are certain their child wants to keep practicing. As before, the app is a separate mode of practice and cannot be used to “cram” for a given level in the paper-and-pencil version at school. Instead, the student will be learning and strengthening their knowledge of the facts in a different mode, but following the same sequence.

The HOME versions are available only through iTunes. Click here for links to the ordering page for
Rocket Math HOME Addition and
Rocket Math HOME multiplication.

We think you’ll really enjoy learning through these apps!

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