Can I upgrade from a Basic to a Universal subscription?

A teacher asks:

Can I upgrade from basic to universal? Will I just pay the difference?

Dr. Don answers:

Yes, indeed. If you login to your account you can see a link to upgrade (pictured above).   Yes you will pay the difference between your current subscription and the upgrade. Good decision to upgrade!  Once you upgrade you will be able to get into the drawers of the Universal subscription.  All of these are included:

  • Rocket Writing for Numerals,
  • Add to 20,
  • Fact families (+, -) 1-10s,
  • Subtract from 20,
  • Skip Counting,
  • 10s, 11s and 12s (Multiplication and Division),
  • Equivalent fractions,
  • Factors,
  • Integers (adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers, etc.

I also have completed and added to the Universal Subscription programs to teach computation.  The instruction proceeds in small steps from the beginning skills in an operation up through the highest levels. Each skill taught has a suggested teaching script to make it easy for tutoring.  So far Addition and Multiplication are done.  Each one has a placement test, so you can see where to begin.  Subtraction and Division are yet to be completed.


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