Trophy for completing all 16 Learning Tracks

Dr. Don will send this trophy and a personalized certificate to any student who completes ALL 16 LEARNING TRACKS.  The first student in the world to earn this certificate and trophy for completing all 16 learning tracks in the Rocket Math Online Game was Addison H. of Whitehall, Wisconsin.

Export their completed Learning Track Summary.

To see if any of your students qualify, export the Learning Track Summary.  A student who has completed all 16 Learning tracks will show their username listed with all 16 Learning Tracks completed all the way to Z. 

A qualifying record would look like this, showing all 16 learning tracks and all with a fully completed level of Z.  


Please note, this includes the Addition and Subtraction Learning Tracks 1 through 6, so you may have older students who will have to go back and finish those learning tracks.  Encourage them to do so–it’s good practice for them and will help them doing computation later in life. 

First time through only.

The offer of the trophy and certificate applies only to the first time through the Learning Tracks.  After becoming fluent, students can zip through the Learning Tracks much more easily than when they are first learning the facts.  The second time through students should often earn Fluency promotion allowing them to skip through a Learning Track in a few minutes. 

Contact us to get the trophy and certificate.

Teachers, please send an email from your school account address to  Include your name or the name of the teacher who has worked with the student along with the student’s username and their actual first and last name, their grade level, and of course, the school mailing address so we can mail it to you.

Use this link to email it to When she confirms the data in your export Learning Track Summary, she will mail the certificate and trophy to you.


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