Expect Outstanding Results!

  • ALL OF YOUR STUDENTS who are expected to move into higher levels of math CAN LEARN MATH FACTS TO AUTOMATICITY (instantly without hesitation).
  • When Rocket Math is taught with fidelity to the curriculum, students learn one operation of facts to automaticity per semester.
  • Students who have mastered math facts show marked improvement in higher order math algorithms including fractions, word problems, long division, multi-digit multiplication and a host of other areas.
  • Even pre-algebra and algebra students find coursework much easier when they successfully complete Rocket Math to learn math facts to automaticity.
  • TALK TO YOUR COLLEAGUES!  Word-of-mouth recommendations from teachers who have experienced successful student outcomes with Rocket Math are responsible for the widespread use of the curriculum throughout North America.

Research Base

View PDF: Math Facts research base–all

View PDF: How fast is fast enough to be automatic? 

View PDF: The third stage of Learning Math Facts: Automaticity

Studies of Rocket Math

Researchers!  I would like to support your efforts.  To enable a research study contact me and I’ll get you a free subscription to Rocket Math or free access to the Rocket Math Apps. -Dr. Don

Smith, C. R., Marchand-Martella, N. E., & Martella, R. C. (2011). Assessing the Effects of the Rocket Math Program with a Primary Elementary School Student At Risk for School Failure: A Case Study. Education and Treatment of Children, 34(2), 247-258

D.J. Traylor (2012). “Mastery of Basic Multiplication Facts for Students With Learning Disabilities,” unpublished paper for Dr. Mary Scarlato at Western Oregon University.

NOTE TO TEACHERS, SCHOOLS, DISTRICTS: While I am waiting for others to conduct and publish more research on Rocket Math, I make the following offer.

  • If you conduct research comparing Rocket Math to some other method of practicing math facts and share your results–I will refund half of the purchase price of the curriculum.
  • If you find some other method is more effective, I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

I am certain it is the best math facts practice curriculum available but I have to wait for researchers independent of me to confirm that fact.