Fact Fluency Fundamentals Class

Math Fact Fluency Fundamentals Program

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Math achievement begins with fact fluency.

You are an educator responsible for improving math achievement in your classroom, school, or district.  You have a math curriculum in place and you, or your staff know how to provide effective instruction using that curriculum.  However, you have noticed that your students lack fluency with math facts.  You see that they are reluctant and slow when it comes to doing computation.  They count on their fingers, rely on charts, or use calculators or strategies to derive simple math facts they could (and should) simply remember. Incidental learning through activities with numbers does not seem to have developed fluency with math facts for a lot of your students.

Fact Fluency can’t be taught from the front of the room.

Unlike most other educational activities, a teacher cannot develop math fact fluency from the front of the room. It just will not happen by teachers telling it to students. It will not happen by teachers exhorting their students to just learn the facts. Learners must be engaged and organized in a unique way over an extended period to learn all the math facts. Learning math facts also requires an organized and systematic approach because there are so many facts to bring to mastery. Very few teachers know how to arrange for their students to accomplish this essential academic skill. Schools of education often promulgate dogma that memorization and facts are not important and therefore rarely teach student teachers how to organize this kind of practice.

Developing fact fluency requires an organized and systematic approach.

Adopting a systematic approach and a consistent expectation can easily achieve the goal of fluent math students. With the proper organization this can become an essential and important part of elementary education. It is an area where hard-work and perseverance can pay off, even for students who are not the most academically talented. Success at learning math facts can develop pride and confidence amongst your students and staff. It can build an interest and love of math among your students.


The Math Fact Fluency Fundamentals Program is for educators who want to learn how to reliably develop math fact fluency among your students. The talk covers the following topics:

  1. The surprising math handicaps caused by lack of fluency.
  2. The proper role of math fact fluency development within the curriculum.
  3. The essential characteristics of an effective math fact fluency program.
  4. How much practice time is needed for students to develop math fact fluency?
  5. How best to motivate students to put in the time?
  6. How to identify and provide intervention for students who need it.
  7. What outcomes can you expect from widespread fact fluency in your students?

This talk will make clear what you need to do and provide you a roadmap towards having all your students achieving this essential academic skill. The program is offered for free to all educators who want to learn how to improve math fact fluency among their students.

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