2 thoughts on “How fast is fast enough to be automatic

    • What do you mean by “sustaining?” Students should understand the concept of how math facts (in a given operation) are figured out. That is, they should be able to figure out the answer to a math fact question without assistance. The prerequisite skills for that are being able to count by rote, be able to count items, be able to recognize and name numerals as well write them by dictation, and be able to count items and then write the number for the number counted. Once they have learned those things and can figure out facts on their own, they are ready to memorize them instead of having to figure them out over and over.
      You can memorize facts, but if you never use them, nor practice them, you will forget them. So if you mean by sustaining, “retaining over time,” it’s the amount of practice/use of the facts that matters not the prerequisite skills you brought to the task in the first place. All skills if unused will eventually be forgotten even high school French!

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