(D) Sessions too short?

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 If play time is less than five minutes, that is a technical glitch and should be reported on the green feedback button.

This Session Completed screen is a feature, not a bug.

Slamming through these facts at the rate of 3 seconds apiece (or less as they go faster) is very INTENSE.

Students will do this game for a couple of hours at a time if you let them. But, here’s the problem.  They will only do it for a couple of days, and then they will just wear out.  They just won’t want to do it anymore.  We don’t want them to lose their enthusiasm, so…….

After five minutes of play**, up comes the Session Completed screen.  Here is the script for what Mission Control says to the student (click to hear it):

Mission Control here. Great work, astronaut!  You have finished your session.  You are done for now.  You have worked hard and we think you deserve a break to go do something else.  You can’t do another Rocket Math session for at least an hour.  Check with your teacher or parent to find out if you are eligible to have longer sessions. Logging you and Mission Control out. 


We recommend students take at least an hour break.

The system will not let them in unless they take at least a 20 minute break.  If they log back in too soon they will see the battery down screen. The game will not start again until this countdown is finished.  They should log out and go do something else, rather than sit and wait for the time to end.

We want students to do a little practice a couple of times a day, but spaced out over a month or two.  The longer it takes for them to get through an operation, (the longer this is spaced out) the longer they will retain the information.  And they need to know these facts for a lifetime!  So a little bit each day is far better than sitting down for long periods of time until they are sick of it.

We purposely planned for your students to end a session anxious to play again.

Yes, they may complain that they have to stop, but that ensures that they will want to come back again later.  You want them to end their sessions just dying to play more.  That’s how you can get them to play and practice, time after time, day after day until they reach Level Z.  That’s how we win and that’s how they win!

You can change play time to ten or 15 minutes, but should you? Only if they still LOVE it!

Here’s a link to directions on how to change session length for individual students.

Here’s a link to directions on how to change session length for a group of students all at once.

After years of allowing game play to last only five minutes at a time, under pressure from customers, Dr. Don allowed a change.  We added a feature to allow you, the parent or teacher, to adjust student play time UP to ten or even 15 minutes.

But with this freedom comes a great responsibility.   You have to make sure they are still enjoying playing!  If you increase the time, you have to make sure they are not getting tired of playing!  [Anecdotally, some students complained on the green feedback button the first day they had to play for ten minutes!] 

The minute you hear a student moan or groan or complain, please move them back to 5 minutes! Seriously!! The first time anyone complains, move them back to 5 minutes.  And anyone else who does it, move them too.   They can learn just fine only working five minutes at a stretch!  Remember, you want them to practice at home also, which they won’t do if they are getting sick of it.  You want them to practice the whole time they are assigned to do it–and they won’t do that if they aren’t motivated to keep going.  So you better be sure if you move them up to ten or fifteen minutes.

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