(D) Add existing teachers (already in the system)

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Some of your teachers may already be in our system

If a teacher is already signed up for the Rocket Math Online game (even the free trial) then their email is in our database, they cannot be added in again.  If you try to add them it just won’t work for you.

Solution #1: Delete their account.  If they don’t have any student records they need to keep, just get them to delete their account from the upper right corner of their Account/Payment/Renew page. Or you can ask us and we can delete their previous account. If they have student data in their account we’ll need their approval before deleting.

Solution #2: Ask us to “MERGE” their account with yours.  If the teacher you want to add does have student progress records they want to keep–you don’t want to delete them.  And you cannot add them!  Instead write to [email protected] and ask Dr. Don to “MERGE” their account with yours.  If you have enough unassigned seats, we can do that and they will become one of your teacher managers and use up some of your seats.  If that’s what you and the teacher both want, write to us and ask us to do that for you.

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