(D) Set up “seats” to start

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Set up seats “Welcome” automatic pop-up

Start by going to the admin page and logging into your account: https://admin.rocketmath.com

You should see the welcome pop-up shown here. This will keep popping up until you select some number of seats.  Your 14-day initial subscription begins when you set up seats.  You can set up as many or as few seats as you’d like for your free trial.

After the initial complimentary subscription you can choose to renew with any amount of seats you wish to buy.   Choose generously–they’re free during the initial subscription. 

Hit the green “Set up Seats” button to make it happen.

Next you’ll need to +Assign Student Logins to those seats, so your students can login and use the game. 

You may ADD more seats to your subscription at any time by going to your Account/Payment/Renew page.


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