6.F) See (and export) improved fluency with 1-minute RACE

The results of the 1-minute tests races prove that your students are building fluency.

We have a feature that demonstrates that students are developing fluency while doing a Learning Track. We call it a “1-minute RACE.”

As with all good progress monitoring measures, the 1-minute tests races present a random selection of ALL the facts in the Learning Track even the ones they have not yet worked to memorize.  Students are allowed and encouraged to “hit the checkmark” and skip any problems they don’t know, or they can take the time to “figure out” any facts they have not yet memorized, which they should be able to do before they begin memorization.  As they memorize more facts they will be able to answer more in one minute and that will prove that they are learning and developing fluency.  Click this link to hear the directions that play for the students every time they do one of these 1-minute races.

Here’s what the students experience.

The results are shown as the number of problems answered correctly in one minute over the total problems presented. (Some might be skipped or answered incorrectly.)  Students will get more fluent with the facts in their Learning Track as they work through.  So we want to see how they are doing at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end.  Therefore we have automatically scheduled races.

A 1-minute RACE is automatically SCHEDULED for all students after they finish Sets A, i, R, and Z.

Here are the average results from our whole site as of November 2020 for those scheduled races.

See your students latest results in this column on the Review Progress screen!

At any time, you can also Assign a Fluency Test 1-Minute RACE “on next login.”

1) Select the students to whom you want to assign the test RACE, or Select All.

2) Click on the orange Bulk Action button.

3) Pull down to “Assign 1-min RACE on next login.”



After doing that, in your dashboard you will see that the 1-minute race has been assigned on the next login. 
The next time those students login, they will be given the mission of doing a 1-minute race with ALL the facts in the Learning Track they are studying. They can skip facts they don’t know, by hitting the checkmark.

Assign a 1-minute RACE individually also–at any time you wish.

You can assign a 1-minute RACE at any time for specific individuals as well, using the green Individual Action button at the end of their row.


  • Export the test results in different spreadsheets for the Assigned and the Scheduled races. 

    • Separate exports for results from RACEs you Assign from the RACEs that are Scheduled after working through some levels in the Online Game (After sets A, i, R, and Z).

See averages across your class or school. 

    • Each spreadsheet will show the average for your class as a teacher or for the school in the account of the Subscription Manager or owner.  There are separate averages for each Learning Track.
  • See trends over time. Here’s an example of the Scheduled Races for one school.

    • You’ll see the improvement each student makes from the beginning after Set A to each of the subsequent tests RACES.  The top row gives the account (school or class) average for each Learning Track and after each set.  You can see the class average in the Addition Learning Track is 6 correctly answered of 7 presented after Set A, but by Set Z the class average was 20 correct in one minute out of 24 presented.

As always, we’re here to help if you get stuck. Email Dr Don at don@rocketmath.com   If you get something technically weird, please use the green feedback button on the right hand edge of your screen to report glitches directly to the technical experts.

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