3.D) How to Add Students (assign student logins) by importing a CSV file

First–Do you have seats to which to assign logins?

For owners the orange box on your dashboard shows the number “Unassigned Seats” you have that can be assigned to students. 

For Teacher Mgrs, the blue box shows the number of “Available seats”–available for you to assign to students by setting up logins.

Get started with the + Import Students Logins From CSV  turquoise button.

Second–Have you set up Teacher Mgrs?

If you have more than one classroom of students, you will need to assign them to Teacher Mgrs.  So you first need to Add Teacher Mgrs to the account.  Please read and follow the directions about How to Add More Teacher Mgrs to your account BEFORE you start to assign login information to students. 

Plan A: Why not delegate?

If you have Teacher Mgrs, you can delegate the creation of logins to your teacher mgrs, once you have created them. They can each go to admin.rocketmath.com  login to their account and see this popup.

Your Teacher Mgrs can then put in up to 30 student logins on their own.  The usernames have to be unique to your school, but if they use a unique Teacher number and a nickname, (such as 4Alfie, 4Billy, 4Cathy) it should not be hard.  As the owner of the account, you’ll still be able to see all the students and review their progress, but you don’t have to enter all the logins yourself.  When Teacher Mgrs open their account and access this popup it already has their name as the Teacher Mgr.  It is much easier to do Plan A and delegate this to your teachers than to do a school-wide CSV file.

Plan B: If you are going to do everybody’s logins (more than 30) — you want to do an import with a CSV file–watch this video demonstration.

The popup shown below allows owners or Teacher Mgrs to enter up to 30 logins at a time.  There’s a note that says,  If you have to assign more than 30 seats use this link: “Import Student Logins from CSV.”  Click on the link to get to the import screen.

Next: Assign Logins to many seats at once–follow the 4 steps below.

You will see this pop-up page labeled “Import Student Logins From CSV” looks like this without the numbers to guide you .

Step 1.  It’s pretty hard and most people can’t do it correctly, but here goes.

Begin at #1 click on Use only this template. Please SAVE AS file type of CSV (comma delimited).and click it to get the latest, and most properly formatted template for starting your student file.

!!! (Please, you must start with this template and fill in the fields and then save with your name. The system is expecting these headings. Don’t just make up your own file because it won’t work!) Really!  It will never work.  A lot of people go wrong right here.  Start with our template.

See what the blank Excel template looks like below.

Username.  You’ll  create a username for each student. We do not want to collect personally identifiable information on your students, so we don’t want their actual names.  But make sure you know who goes to which username.  Only you need to know, we don’t.   *** See note below.  If you have students with IEPs and a special ed teacher who wants to monitor them, see note **** below.

Passcode.  You’ll  create a passcode for each student. Make it short!

Learning Track code.  Enter the code number, and only the code number (1 through 12), for the Learning Track they will start in. You can change it at any time. Click here for the directions page about Learning Tracks if you need help deciding. This is the next thing that a lot of people get wrong–you have to use the code number.  The computer will not understand the name of the Learning Track.

Teacher Mgr email.  You must add the Teacher Mgr’s email address to connect each student to their Teacher Mgr.  CAREFUL! It needs to be a Teacher Mgr email address that is already set up in the account. If you try to import with Teacher names rather than emails or if a single one of those emails is not in the system the same way–the import will not work!

Class name.  Please leave this blank!  This is a future plan for schools in which teachers have multiple classes.

Look out! The biggest pitfall is this SAVE AS step.

Once you have completed the file, use SAVE AS to save it to your computer. Choose the file type of a CSV (Comma delimited). Note: You work with it as an excel file, so when you’re done you have to choose Save As and from the Save as type find and choose CSV (Comma delimited) in the list.   See what that looks like here.

If it still has  .xlsx appended to the end of the file name then you didn’t save it in the CSV file type. Your file name should have .csv appended at the end if you did it right.  If you don’t choose SAVE AS and select file type CSV (Comma delimited) then your file won’t import–guaranteed!  Here’s where most people go wrong–because like me, I never even noticed there was such a thing as “file type” and had never used it to change the format of a file before.

Be sure to save the file somewhere you can find again, because you’ll need it again in the next step. 

Step 2. Import the CSV file

Now go back to the pop-up page labeled “Import Student Logins From CSV.” See it below and do #2 “Choose file”

Browse to your file saved in the CSV file type (it MUST have .csv appended to the name of your file) you just saved on your computer and select it.  Now the name of the file should show up in this box.

Step 3. Parse the file. I don’t even know what this does, do you?

Then go to the bottom of the page and hit the blue button at #3 that saysParse CSV.”

After you hit “Parse CSV” you’ll see a list of your students if this is working for you.

Step 4. Import the students.

The final step requires you to scroll to the bottom of the list of your students and click on the blue button that says “Import Students.” Then they will be set up in the system.

If something goes wrong, use the red button on your Dashboard that says “Delete ALL students!” It is extreme.  Do NOT do this if some classes have started working!  Do not do this if you have already merged some teachers and their students into your account.  Delete All Students will clear out ALL of your student data, allowing you to start over and re-import.

If you have a bunch of trouble, Delete All students! and send me your CSV file and I will do the import for you. But don’t do that until you have saved it as the file type that shows .CSV at the end. -Dr.Don

***BE KIND.  Your students have to enter the username, passcode and Account number every time they login to play.  So be kind and make these short, easy to remember, and easy to type in.  Initials or nickname for username,  a short word or 4 digits for a passcode.

***You can create and keep a copy of the file with the students’ names, but you can’t import it.  Here’s how:

  1. Upload the blank template onto your computer.
  2. Add a column at the left of the columns that are on the template and label it student names.
  3. Fill out names and usernames and passcodes and Learning Track codes and Teacher Mgr email addresses.
  4. Save a copy of this “with names” file on your computer for use in the school to share with teachers, etc.
  5. Open a copy and delete the first lefthand column with student names and save as file type .CSV (comma delimited) “without names.”
  6. Use that “without names” copy to import into our system.  Now you have both.

****To help the special education teacher monitor students with IEPs put a special two-letter code in the front of their username.  Then using the owner’s login, which shows all the students in all the classes, the special education teacher can use the Search bar to enter that two-letter code and see only the students with IEPs.  


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