3.B) How to assign student logins to your own students (up to 30 seats at a time).

If you just have to assign logins to your own students, you can simply assign login information to seats by typing them in (up to 30 seats at a time).  If you don’t automatically get the pop-up, in your dashboard click on the teal button that says + Assign Student Logins.

Up pops this dialog box with an empty row for each unassigned seat, ready for the logins for each student.

CREATE  a simple username for each student. It only has to be unique to your school or family, so make it simple and easy to enter.**

Please note: We do not want to collect personally identifiable student information, so you see there’s no place for the student’s name.  Be sure your usernames help you remember who goes with which username.  You do need to know that, but we don’t!  Thanks.

CREATE a short student passcode for each student.

Your Account number is already filled in. Your students will enter that as they login.

SELECT  one of the 12 Learning Tracks from the pull-down menu (see it in the picture).  Most people start with Addition or Multiplication.  If you need help choosing a Learning Track, you can go to this  section in the directions about the Learning Tracks for help deciding where to start.

You’ll see your name already set up as the Teacher Mgr if you are a Teacher Mgr or if you are an owner with no other Teacher Mgrs–then you’re it.

After you have entered as many as you want, please hit the green button     + Assign the Student Logins below to the seats  Then your students will be ready to login with the credentials you have just created at https://play.rocketmath.com and begin to play.

Export login list.  To help you keep track of the logins you’ve created you can click on the gray box (next to the green Assign the student logins…” that says,  “Export login list.”  That will give you the list of the logins you just created.

Better yet, if you want a COMPLETE list, go back to your dashboard and click on the “Export Students” button.  That will give you all the logins you have created for your account.  That has the advantage of having an empty column entitled “Student Name” where you can type in their names to keep a copy for your own records.  We don’t record that information on our website, but you’re welcome to save a copy for yourself.

**BE KIND.  Your child has to enter the username, passcode and Account number every time they login to play.  So be kind and make these short, easy to remember, and easy to type in.  Initials or nicknames for username, a short word or 3 or 4 digits for a passcode would work great.

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