C—Just what do I have to copy?

The first question most teachers ask us is about what they have to copy, so we’ll deal with that first. And no, the copyright police will not come and get you. These are blackline masters and you may copy them. You must copy three things which you need to staple into or onto each child’s folder (yes, a folder for each child!). So you have to copy enough for your class.

  • The Rocket Chart (stapled on the front of the folder)
  • The Goal Sheet (stapled on the inside left)
  • The Individual Student Graph(stapled on the inside right).

You also have to copy but keep it loose in the folder:

  • The Writing Speed Test

You may need to copy one other thing to put into everyone’s folder, if you plan to use it:

  • The Placement Probes for the operation you are starting. How you decide when to use the Placement Probes and when not to can be found in the section on “Why would I want to give the Placement Probes?” (How is that for clear?)

The first four things are found in the subscription area under Forms and Information You Need/Forms for Every Student. The fifth thing (the Placement Probe) is found under each separate operation.

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