WP.1) Choose basic or Universal Level of Rocket Math Worksheet Program Subscription?

There are two levels of the Worksheet Program Subscription, Basic and Universal. With a Basic Level subscription you only have access to the blue [BASIC] drawers, you do not have access to the drawers with the red titles.

Rocket Math began its life as just the four basic operations of add, subtract, multiply and divide, with just the 0 through 9s facts.  So that is the Basic Level subscription, which also includes the Forms and Information “drawer.”  The Basic Level subscription contains all the worksheets you need to run the program.  In the filing cabinet, the “drawers” with blue titles that say [BASIC] contain the worksheets for the basic operations, which you can open and print out. (See the blue arrows pointing to them in the picture?)  Each operation goes A to Z, and if you never want to do anything but that, then you can choose the Basic Level.  The Basic level is around 40% less expensive than the Universal level subscription.  Within the Basic Level is a one-year Individual subscription, and multi-teacher subscriptions.

Go to this Subscription comparison page to make your choice.  Both levels are displayed on the page.  The Basic level options are shown on the right in yellow. The Universal level options show in the blue panel on the left. You can order from the Subscription Comparison Page by clicking on what you want and it will take you to the ordering page.

The Universal Level Subscription–lots more than the Basics! 

Dr. Don has been busy in the last ten years creating additional program that follow the Rocket Math procedures–meaning that students can be in these other programs and work in them following the same process as students who are in the basic operations.  There are many more programs, in addition to the basic four operations, in the Universal Level Subscription. These programs are in the red-titled drawers in the filing cabinet[If you have a Basic Level subscription, when you try to print out one of the worksheets in the red-labeled drawers it will tell you that you need a Universal Level subscription to access those worksheets.]  

What do these programs address?  On the Subscription Comparison page are links to pages describing each of these programs which will open in a new tab (so you can find your way back here).  Each page tells you what the program is for, as well as showing you a picture of the worksheets that students will use.

Kinder level skills.  Pictured here is the final worksheet (of 72 in the Learning Track) for Rocket Writing for Numerals.  This is a program for helping little ones learn to write numbers, correctly, efficiently, quickly and legibly.  It is great for Kindergartners or for the start of first grade.  There are also a Beginning Numerals (counting) and Conceptual Addition for kindergarteners.

Additional numeracy skills for quick learners.  At each grade level there are additional programs that students who quickly master the basics can do during Rocket Math practice time.  Whether it’s Skip Counting, Fact Familes, Fractions, or 10s, 11s, 12s facts these optional programs build numeracy skills for students who have learned the basics.

Advanced Middle grades math.  At the opposite end of the curriculum from Rocket Writing, we have a program for practicing Mixed Integers (adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers) which many middle school students find challenging.  That program includes short online video lessons for each type of problem the students learn to solve. We also have equivalent fractions and factoring.  If you are a math teacher of middle grades, you have some students who know their basic facts and some who do not.  These Universal programs at the upper end of the curriculum are excellent for students who already know the basic facts to do, while the ones who still don’t know the multiplication facts can work on those basics.  Ten minutes a day, but everybody has something at their level.

Spelling too!  You might notice at the bottom of the list, Dictating Sentences (Rocket Spelling).   This is a spelling practice program Dr. Don put together to help improve spelling during writing activities.  Many students learn to spell well enough to “pass” a spelling test, but can’t quickly and fluently spell words when they are busy writing.  This program works like Rocket Math, in that there’s paired practice with a partner.  Each student can be placed at the level of success and practices spelling words they know in dictated sentences ten minutes a day.  If you have twenty minutes you can devote toward spelling (or time during a writing block) this will help students be able to write more easily and fluently the most common words they need for writing.  Dr. Don believes in helping students develop ease and fluency with all academic skills.

The Universal level is around 40% more expensive than the Basic level subscription.  Within the Universal Level is a 60-day trial, as well as one-year subscriptions for an Individual or Multi-Teacher subscriptions.

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