WP.4) How can I fix (renew, upgrade, change) Worksheet Program subscriptions?

WP.4) How can I fix (renew, upgrade, change) Worksheet Program subscriptions?

Go to the Subscription Manager page.

When you login to your Worksheet Program subscription account you are taken to this File Cabinet page with the large blue section at the top.  [Note: the only exception is if your account has expired, in which case you go directly to the Subscription Manager page, rather than getting into the filing cabinet.]   The link to the Subscription Manager page is outlined in yellow in this picture.  Click on the Subscription Manager link to, well, manage your subscription.  The “drawers” below are the working parts of the filing cabinet.

If you don’t see the “Subscription Manager” link at the top, then you are not really logged in.  If the middle link on the page says, “Preview Subscription Files” then you are NOT logged in.  You’re in the preview page.  On the upper right of the preview page click on “Subscription Login” to login to your account.  Then you will get into the File Cabinet and you can click 0n the “Subscription Manager” link.

In the Subscription Manager page.

Here’s what the Subscription Manager page looks like.  See the red underlining?  It highlights the “You have no active subscriptions” alert.  If you see that, then you know you must renew your subscription in order to get access again.

Click the Renewal tab to renew your subscription. 

See the tab outlined in blue?  It says Member Signup/Renewal Form.  Click on that to renew your subscription.  It will take you to the same page as was displayed when you first signed up.  If you’re not sure what to choose please see the FAQs above that help you decide which level of subscription you want or how to signup.

Renew before your subscription expires.  1) It will be easier because you will be able to see what kind of subscription you have currently and so know what product to choose to renew.  2) Your renewal subscription will be added onto the end of your current subscription so you’ll get the full 365 days of each year’s subscription.  [Please note: don’t use this to change your subscription because what you purchase won’t go into effect until the current subscription expires.]

Click the Upgrade link to change or upgrade your Worksheet Program Subscription.

In your Subscription Manager page (assuming you have an active subscription), there should be a link, like the one underlined in red in this picture.  It says, “Please click here for ways to UPGRADE your subscription.”  If you click there you will be taken to an ordering page where you can choose any of the subscription plans that are an upgrade for you.  Upgrading means you can go up a level (from Basic to Universal) or add access for more teachers (from Individual to 3 teachers to 6 teachers or to Whole School).

An upgrade will change your subscription as soon as you pay for it.  It will start a new year-long subscription from that date forward.  You will be charged the normal rate MINUS the value of the unused portion of your old subscription.  An upgrade will enable the same method of payment you used previously.  If you want to change payment methods you will have to contact us to enable that.  Note: Using a Purchase Order to pay for an upgrade online usually does NOT work so you may have to send the PO to [email protected]  and she will make it happen for you. 

***In fact, if you have trouble enacting any of these changes, send [email protected] an email from your subscribed email account and she should be able to help you.  Oh, be sure to give her your Membership # and tell her you’re talking about the Worksheet Program subscription rather than the Online Game subscription.

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