WP.6) How do I sign up other teachers for our school’s Worksheet Program subscription?

WP.6) How do I sign up other teachers for our school’s Worksheet Program subscription?

Setting Up Teacher Accounts

You are now subscribed to a multi-teacher account and you are the Subscription Manager.  That makes you responsible for seeing that your teachers get signed up for their subscriptions so they can access the Rocket Math filing cabinet.  I know it’s a big ask, but we think you’re up to it.  When you’re ready to start, login to your account and go to the Subscription Manager page.

Your account page looks like the picture here.  There are two options for how to get everyone else access to the Rocket Math filing cabinet. Either will work.

Option #1 You send your colleagues an email, so they can sign themselves up. 

You can go the area, outlined in red above, where it says “Your Reseller Signup Forms URL.” There is a link under that title in brown font and underlined.

Right click on the link and choose “Copy the link.”

Paste the link into an email message and send it to all the teachers who should have access to Rocket Math.  When they click on the link it will take them to the SubUser Signup Form pictured to the right.  Then they can fill it out, make up their own passwords, and each will then sign themselves up.

***If you need a more thorough explanation, click this link to see our tutorial video “RocketMath.com: How to sign up your colleagues.”  You’ll understand exactly how to do it.

Option #2: You fill in the information for your teachers (AKA Subusers).

On your account page you can to click on the “Manage Subusers” link which we outlined in blue in the picture above.


2A. Click on “New Record” to add teachers individually.  Once on the Manage Subusers page, you go to the link outline in red to the right labeled “New Record [instead of add teacher, go figure!]  to add teachers one at a time. You enter their first and last name, their email address and set up a password for them.  Save it and then click on New Record to add the next one.


2B. Click on “Import from CSV” to add teachers in a batch.  You can import the teachers all at once by creating a csv file and importing it.

If you’d like help in how to do that, watch this video tutorial “How to Add Subusers.”

You can also find it on our “Add Subusers” page here or under the Resources tab. That page also has another copy of this template for the csv file you will need if you want to import a bunch of teachers all at once.

I’m kinda thinking that sending them all an email with a link to sign themselves up sounds a lot easier.  Just sayin’



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