6.A) How to change Learning Tracks or Teacher Mgr for a student

Changing Learning Track

When a student finishes a Learning Track you’ll need to switch that student to another one.

Go to the green button at the end of that student’s row that says Individual Action.”  Pull down for a short menu, outlined in black in this picture that includes “Change Learning Track.”

Next you will get this popup named “Change Learning Track” which has a pull down menu of all twelve Learning Tracks.  Choose the one you want and then click on the green “Assign” button.  Should be accomplished now.


Students may ask you to change their Learning Track, just as soon as it gets a little hard.  They may have to start over a couple of times and if they lack much perseverance, they will want to quit. But they only learn the facts if they stick with it.  If they skip around they are going to be wasting their time.  If you assigned it, then they ought to be learning those facts.

Here is a link to a “Toughness Certificate” you can use for students who have a hard time with Rocket Math and need to be encouraged to stay the course.

Starting all over.  You can also tell students (and this is a fact) that if they leave a Learning Track, when they come back, they start over at Set A.  So they lose all they have gained by quitting before they reach Level Z.  I believe that teaching the lesson that hard work and perseverance helps you succeed, especially when you are getting discouraged, is the best thing we can do for young people.  Encourage them to stay the course.  Then celebrate mightily when they succeed!  Woo-hoo!  They are learning a great life lesson.

Changing Teacher Mgr (Disconnect and Connect to someone new)

You can change the teacher for a student or a set of students.

(1) First select the student or students you want to change or connect to someone new.  To select individual students put a check mark in the box at the beginning or left hand side of their row.  To select all the students use the Select All option at the top of the column of boxes.  You can also “De-select All” if you need to.

(2)  Pull-down menu on orange Bulk Actions button at the upper right.  Go to the orange Bulk Actions button in the upper right hand of the owner’s dashboard.  Pull down and click on “Disconnect Teacher.”  Now the student or students are sort of a “free agent” if you will.

Now be sure to “select” the students you want to connect to a new teacher.  After you have selected them go to the orange Actions button, pull down and you’ll see “Connect Teacher.”  Choose that action and a pop-up will give you the options of Teacher Mgrs in the account.  You have to pull down to see who all is available, but then select one and hit the green button to make it happen for all the students you had selected.

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