2.A) How to purchase seats (with 30-day free trial), or purchase more, or renew Online Game subscription

Here’s information (that may not be apparent) about how to purchase (and renew) seats for an Online Game subscription.

First you registered for a free account at https://admin.rocketmath.com for the Rocket Math Online Game. The next step is to to purchase student seats with our No risk 30 day trial.   

IMPORTANT.  Please, see the Help/Directions/FAQs outlined in red in the left hand black navigation bar in the picture below?  That will take you back here to these directions at any time.  Faster even than calling Dr. Don, although he is pretty fast.


You should have been given a chance to purchase seats as soon as you register, which takes you directly to Step 3 below.

Purchasing procedure (same process if you’re adding more)

Step 1. Go to “My Profile” page

Start by going to the admin page and logging into your account: https://admin.rocketmath.com

See the black navigation bar on left — outlined in yellow is “My Profile,” which is where you go to add seats to your subscription.



Step 2. Click on + Add Seats

In the “My Profile” page you click on + Add Seats in the upper right side of “My Profile.” It looks like this picture.  Rocket Math Online Game is a Yearly subscription.  Note: Do this again to add MORE seats to your subscription .  Follow this same process.



Step 3. Choose number of seats and click on Send Invoice.

After you click on + Add Seats  this dialog box will pop up.

In this picture the price for one seat is $3.89 for the year.

To order more than one seat hover in the box and you’ll see arrows to increase the number of seats. Or you can type in the number you want. This box will automatically discount the price per seat down to $2 each if you order 20 or more seats and down to $1 for quantities of 100 or more seats.  Note: For more than 50 seats you can save money by ordering 100 at $1 each. 

Note: You are really “Adding Seats” to what you already have.  If you have 100 now and you want to have 500, then you need to “Add” 400 seats.

Hit the green Send Invoice button.  We’ll send an invoice to your email when your 30 free days are up.   You will not be able to pay for 30 days.

Once you get your invoice you’ll have 30 days for you (or your school or district) to pay the invoice.  You might send the invoice to your principal so they can use it to create a PO if they want to do that.   If your principal or the district sends us a PO, or otherwise arranges with us, we will send them an invoice from QuickBooks which can be paid with a check, credit card or PayPal.

PayPal.  If you want to use PayPal yourself, let us know and we’ll send you the invoice from our QuickBooks account and you can pay that with PayPal.

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