2.A) How to set up your free trial

No charge for the free trial (no auto-renew, no gotcha’s).

This will not auto-renew.  When the free trial is over, to continue you’ll have to go into your account and set up the next subscription.  Here’s information (that may not be apparent) about how to set up the free trial for an Online Game subscription.

You began by registering.

First I am assuming you already registered your name and email address at https://admin.rocketmath.com for a free account at the Rocket Math Online Game. If you haven’t do that now.

You then had to verify your email address, by clicking a link on an email we send to you.

The next step is to to set up the seats and assign the logins for your No risk free trial.   

Step 1. Welcome to the Online Game Free Trial: Set up seats

Start by going to the admin page and logging into your account: https://admin.rocketmath.com

You should see the welcome pop-up shown here. You can set up as many or as few seats as you’d like for your free trial.  Choose generously–they’re free.  You will NOT be able to change the number of seats until you arrange the number of seats for your year’s subscription.

Hit the green “Set up Seats” button to make it happen.

Step 2. Assign student logins to your seats.

After you have set up seats, and before you have assigned student logins to any of those seats, this dialog box should pop up.  [If it does not popup automatically, hit the button on your dashboard that says “+ Assign Student Logins” and it will popup.]

Create logins for up to 30 seats, by…

(1) creating a username* and

(2) creating a passcode* for each student.

(3) selecting the Learning Track**

(4) selecting the Teacher Mgr.*** you want for each student.  Note: If you haven’t added any other Teacher Mgrs to your account then it automatically goes to you and there’s no one to select. 

(4) When you are done, click the green button that says,    “+ Assign the Student Logins below to the seats.”

That’s it!  Your students can now go to https://play.rocketmath.com  and use their logins to begin playing the game.

There will never be a charge until you ask for it.  When your free trial expires we will save the student progress. To continue the subscription you will have to go into your Account/Payments/Renew page to set up the next subscription.

Additional notes

*Keep usernames and passcodes simple, because your students have to enter them each time they play!!  Remember, we have promised not to collect any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) on your students, so to be confidential make up usernames that helps you as their teacher to know who is who, but does not reveal their personal identity to an outsider.

**Click here to find out more about Learning Tracks.

*** Click here to learn more about how to add more Teacher Mgrs.

More than 30 seats?  You may set up more than 30 seats in your free trial but you will have to use a CSV  file to enter the student logins.  To reach that page (after setting up the seats), click outside the Welcome popup and it will take you to your dashboard (behind the pop up).  There you can see the     + Import Students Logins From CSV button and use it.  You’ll probably need to look at the directions for that here: https://www.rocketmath.com/rocket-math-faqs/add-login-info-for-classes-with-csv-file/ 

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