Summer School? Use Rocket Math!

Hi Dr. Don,
We plan on using Rocket Math with our Summer School students in grades 3rd-8th. I know you recommend Multiplication for these students. We will only have these students for 12 days over the course of 3 weeks. Any thoughts on how you would implement it? Your opinion is greatly appreciated.
Yvonne K. Colland ELD – Instructional Technology Coach

Thank you, Yvonne,
Twelve days is VERY short, however students enjoy Rocket Math, if they don’t have to do it too long at one time. I would recommend three ten-minute sessions each day spread out as much as possible. So one at the start of the day, one in the middle and one just before going home. If there’s an hour or more between sessions students won’t mind. They can take it home and practice at home if they like.
The regular practice with a peer for 2-3 minutes, switch roles and take a test can be done in ten minutes.
The next thing you could do is set up the Game Center with the Race for the Stars Multiplication game set out. The Game Center has a poster for students names and they get to post their best time on each board of Race for the Stars. Students can put the 24 problems cards on race-for-the-stars-product-imagery-multiplicationeach board down next to the answers as fast as they can with a partner timing them on the included (Silent!) stopwatch. When they beat their best time on the board they get to post the new time and put a star sticker over their previous time. That would stimulate a lot of practice. Right now we have a coupon code FreeGameWithCtr that gives you the Race for the Stars game free with the purchase of item #2112 Game Center with stopwatch ($49).

Finally, if your school has iPads, or if you can have students bring in iPads or iPhones, there is the Rocket Math Multiplication App that sells for $2.99 (half that if you purchase through the Apple Education VPP).  Students can practice on that app for five minutes at a time and each device cRocket Math iOS Multiplication App Top Rated by Balefirean support up to three students.  Students love to play that game and you can print out Rocket Charts for them to keep track of their progress.  If they can take it home they’ll be sure to practice more there.

I’m not certain you could get all the students through Level Z in the three weeks you have, but you could make a big dent in it.  Most importantly they would know as many facts as they could learn which would put them ahead in learning the rest.

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