About Rocket Math and Dr. Don

Rocket Math believes that students are motivated by seeing their own learning and success.


We offer a way to teach kids math so that they can enjoy it, do it well, and do it quickly.  


As a teacher, if you’d like ALL of your kids, not just a select few, to be successful at math,  Rocket Math can help.


What does Rocket Math offer?

  • Systems that help young students become fluent in math and enjoy the process. 
  • Originally only our paper-and-pencil Worksheet Program, there is also now an Online Game, (a web-browser app and a Rocket Math mobile app on both Apple App store and Google Play).  

We believe…

  1. All students can learn math
  2. Students are motivated by seeing their own learning and success
    1. Math doesn’t have to be difficult
    2. Teaching time is precious
    3. School should not be so difficult for children.
      We should do what we can to make them successful.
    4. Kids are motivated by their sense of mastery
    5. After you teach new skills, you should have cumulative practice

You will love how Rocket Math works or your money back!


Why teach facts to automaticity?

About the founder

Dr. Don Crawford has been an educator for 40 years, at all levels in both regular and special education.  He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon.  Dr. Crawford has trained Special Education teachers at three universities.  He is a curriculum author of several instructional programs and has published scholarly articles and given teacher training workshops around the country. Dr. Don has served in a variety of administrative roles in charter schools and educational non-profits.


Dr. Don’s passion is curriculum design.  He believes strongly that properly designed curriculum will work for all students.  He first used effectively designed curriculum in his classroom and learned how to design it at the University of Oregon. He has been an advocate for effective instructional curriculum ever since.  The Rocket Math company is a direct outgrowth of his desire to ensure that teachers are given effective tools that will teach all students.  Dr. Don currently runs Rocket Math in Happy Valley, Oregon.


Further questions? 

Email: don@rocketmath.com

Phone: 888-488-4854

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