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The Rocket Math Online Game

Rocket Math believes that students are motivated by seeing their own learning and success. They love learning math facts because it makes doing math much easier.

The Rocket Math Online Game

Rocket Math believes that students are motivated by seeing their own learning and success. They love learning math facts because it makes doing math much easier.


Not just a game, you can see how Rocket Math actually teaches.

About The Game

Rocket Math believes all students can learn math.  And it doesn’t need to be hard. Scientifically designed for success, this game offers a way to teach kids math so that they can enjoy it, do it well, and do it quickly.  

NOTE: Children can login and play from any device, anywhere, any time of day!  They cannot help but learn their math facts from playing this game. Turn the pain of math into the pride of accomplishment! Give your child the most important tool for math success!

[Rocket Math - All Digital School Editors' Pick]

4 Steps to Get Started

How It Works

Parents, individual teachers or school administrators create an account and start a free complimentary subscription. After setting up seats, the purchaser (or a delegated teacher)  creates student logins and assigns Learning Tracks to the student seats. Students can then play the game. After the 30-day initial subscription renew and get a year-long subscription. 


Step 1

Register an Account

The owner goes to to register an account (free). This is where subscriptions are purchased, student progress is monitored, and accounts are managed.

Step 2

Create Logins, Assign Learning Tracks

Owner or delegate assigns seats to students by creating login credentials. Schools use a csv file to upload the student credentials. Or roster students using CLEVER.


Step 3

Start Students playing (in complimentary initial subscription).

Give student(s) login info to sign-in and send them to play at and see how they learn.

Step 4

After complimentary, 30-day initial subscription, renew to get an annual subscription.

 One to 19 seats $5 each, 20 to 99 seats $4 each, 100-999 seats $3 each, 1,000+ seats $2 each. Schools can use POs. 



Not Just Another Math Facts Game

Choose from 16 Learning Tracks

You can be placed into one of sixteen learning tracks: the basic 1s through 9s for add, subtract, multiply or divide, but also Add to 20, Subtract from 20, Fact Families (add & subtract) or (multiply & divide) , and 10s-11s-12s, Identify Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Factors & Primes, Fraction & Decimal Equivalents.  Click to see the problems in the tracks.

You’ll be proud of your accomplishments

Within each Learning Track there are 26 levels, A to Z, and each level has three achievements; the Take-Off, achieving Orbit, and going into the Universe.

So intense you’ll need a break

This game is very intense.  You are only allowed to play for five, ten or possibly 15 minutes at a time.  Then you must take a 20 minute break, even if you want to keep playing.

Get instant help and corrections

Any time you can’t answer a fact in 3 seconds, the problem and answer are given by Mission Control, and you have to prove you’ve learned it.

Assign, manage, and monitor students

Parent/Teacher Dashboard

Parents, administrators or individual teachers can set up initial subscriptions. They can then assign students, place them in Learning Tracks, and review their progress from their dashboard. School administrators can delegate the management of students to particular teachers.

Manage the subscriptions

The dashboard shows at all times the number of available subscriptions, how many are active, how many are assigned to teachers.

Student Progress can be reviewed and exported

Keep up with progress on the default “Review Progress” screen.  See how many sessions they’ve done, their level of difficulty and how they are progressing.

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Rocket Math