Math Facts Pre-tests–Students need to be able to answer math facts without hesitations, as fast as their fingers can carry them.  First, test to see how fast they can write–do the Writing Speed Test.  Then test them on each operation to see if they can answer all those facts without hesitation–in other words, as fast as they can write.  Writing Numerals Pre-test (for slow writers) is also available.

Why give pre-tests? To find out if students need to improve basic math skills--and could benefit from Rocket Math.

Computation Pre-tests–After students can answer facts without hesitation, it is time to teach them computation.  These pre-tests present a sequence of computation skills in the order they should be taught. Once you find the first skill the student cannot do, you can begin instruction using the teaching materials in the Learning Computation drawers in Rocket Math.  

Writing Speed Test

Print out Writing Speed TestPrint out Evaluation Chart

Can’t answer faster than they can write! The Writing Speed Test tells you how fast they can write.  The Evaluation Chart tells you how to evaluate their performance on the Pre-Tests of Facts in light of their writing speed.

Print out Numeral Writing pre-test

Test each operation: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

Addition facts 1-minuteSubtraction 1-minute testMultiplication 1-minute testDivision 1-minute test

Either Rocket Math Worksheets or online Games or both will help students.

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