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Homeschoolers Welcome! Rocket Math is available for homeschooling.  You can either use the original worksheet based program to instruct two or more students at once (see the How to Tutor with Rocket Math video) or use flashcards if you want to practice one-on-one.

Considering Flashcards? Read the Flashcard Directions.

You may want to consider buying the Rocket Math iOS app which costs only $2.99.  Here’s a letter to parents about it. See our app web page here.

We now have an online Rocket Math game (with ten learning tracks) with a free 30 day trial and a cost of $3.89 per year.



To find out if your child needs Rocket Math, go here to print out and give the pre-tests.

Read How Rocket Math Works here. There are many blogs you may be interested in reading here.

If your child is using Rocket Math at school:

Open Letter to Parents from Dr. Don

If your child is not having a good experience, please learn about about how Rocket Math should be implemented by reading the Teacher Directions or contacting Dr. Don [email protected]  to ask questions