Online Tutor information

The Rocket Math Online Tutor is a fast-paced, computer-delivered tutoring format for developing mastery and fluency with math facts. Each of the 16 learning tracks teaches facts through 26 A to Z levels.
  • Students learn 4 facts on each level in a carefully controlled sequence which enables mastery at an individualized pace.
  • Each level has a Take-Off phase with only the new facts, an Orbit phase with recently introduced facts, and a Universe phase for cumulative review.
  • The system schedules 1-minute races to assess fluency at four milestones in the learning track.  Teachers can also assign 1-minute races.
  • Whenever answers are hesitant or incorrect a robust correction procedure (demonstrated here) teaches the fact immediately.

30-day initial, complimentary subscription.


Go to this page and view the video explanation and link to the checklist to get the most out of this subscription.