How Can We Help?

(01) Manage Worksheet Subscription

How to renew, change, fix worksheet subscription.

(02) Starting Online Tutor

Setting up an Online Tutor account to begin

(03) Online Tutor Rainbow tabs #1

Help specific to the functions on each tab

(04) Online-Tutor-Rainbow tabs #2

Additional tab specific explanations and help

(05) Renewing Online Tutor: Quotes or Purchasing

Getting a year's subscription

(06) Make best use of the Online Tutor (Game)

Videos of important info you need to use this well

(07) Learning Tracks

setting up, understanding and managing

(08) Manage Teacher Managers

Multiple teachers in an account

(08) Student Login credentials

Setting up login credentials so students can play

(09) Parent involvement

How to get parents involved

(10) Use the Tutor and Learn

How students access the Online Tutor and learn from it.

(11) Schools, Sections, School Managers

For School Mgrs, sections, and multi-school accounts

(12) Problems

What to do when there are problems.

(13) Change things individually

What you can change for individual students

(14) Change things in bulk

What you can change for groups of students

(15) Fluency assessment

Use 1-min RACES to assess fluency

(16) Review Progress: Explanations

How to monitor student progress

(17) Export data

Obtain student data from your account

(18) Start and End of year rostering

Moving students to new teachers