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Enable the Daily Progress Report

You want to enable the daily progress report.  By default, it goes to the email set up for you in the Rocket Math system, but you can edit it or send it to someone else as well (see below).

This report will let you know who has worked how much and what they have accomplished.  It tells you for each username in your roster, how many sessions they have started and how many they have completed.  It also tells you what levels they passed yesterday, or over the weekend (see Level I was passed by the first student in the report shown below).  It reports on the 24 hours previous to midnight the night before.  On the weekend it should show all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s activity.  If you are fortunate enough to be using the Rocket Math Wall Chart, you can then give a sticker to put on the Wall Chart to anyone who passed a level yesterday.


Circulate and Congratulate

You want to start each day’s Rocket Math session by having students get out their color in Rocket Chart and color in the parts they have passed.

While they are doing that, you should go around and congratulate students who have completed more sessions at home.  For example, if you did one session with students in school yesterday, anyone who shows 2 completed sessions on the Daily Progress Report will have done a session as homework.  Praise such a student publicly so everyone knows this is a good thing.  “Ruby, you did a homework session last night!  That’s awesome.  You are in training to be an awesome mathematician. Keep it up!”  

Also, you may see that some students start more sessions than they complete.  Some students think that when they pass a part in Rocket Math they are done.  They are not done until they cannot play any longer.  Be sure to explain that they need to work until they come to the “Session Completed” screen before logging off.  When they get to this screen, they cannot continue playing, and that’s when they are done.

Disable the Daily Progress Report


Customers write to Dr. Don asking to be “unsubscribed” from the Daily Progress Report emails.   There’s no “unsubscribe” function.  Go to tab (A) Review Progress, then click on the Daily Progress Report button.  You’ll get a drop-down menu and you can choose “Disable Daily Progress Report” or “Change Email for Daily Progress Report.”

Change who is reported on in the Daily Progress Report

If you are the owner or school manager of an account, you have the option of receiving the Daily Progress Report on the whole account or only on the students assigned or connected directly to you.  Some folks want to see everything, some don’t.

Change the email for the Daily Progress Report

You can also change the email to which the report goes (say for summer school?). You can add multiple email addresses, it you separate them with a comma.  And of course, if you have disabled the Daily Progress Report, you can re-enable it at any time.



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