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(A) Export Fluency data

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The 1-Minute Races present a random selection of all the facts in each Learning Track. Students are encouraged to skip facts they haven’t learned, but the scores shown here are the correct answers.

A 1-minute RACE is automatically SCHEDULED for all students after they finish Sets A, i, R, and Z.

When a student completes sets A, i, R, and Z, the 1-Minute Races (also known as math facts fluency tests) are scheduled. We wait until after students complete set A to give the first pre-test, so we know the students know how to use the interface and answer questions.   Set A represents the average student’s starting score. Set i and R show intermediate progress. And finally, Set Z represents the average fluency students have achieved by playing through levels 26 A to Z in that Learning Track.

1-minute RACES can also be ASSIGNED by the teacher.

1) Export the results from SCHEDULED 1-minute RACEs.

Click on the pink “Export Scheduled Race Results” button.  A file will download to your computer.

See trends as students are working through the Learning Track.

Here’s an example of the Scheduled Races for one teacher.

    • You’ll see the improvement each student makes from the beginning after Set A to each of the subsequent tests RACES.  The top row gives the account (school or class) average for each Learning Track and after each set.  You can see the class average in the Multiplication Learning Track is 8 correctly answered after Set A, but by Set Z the class average was 25 correct in one minute.


2) Export the results of ASSIGNED 1-minute RACES.

The teacher can assign a 1-minute RACE to be completed by the student on the next login.  These could be assigned say on Thursday evening and then students would all do a 1-minute RACE when they next login on Friday morning.  Then on Friday evening the results of the assigned 1-minute RACEs could be exported by the teacher.  Those files would show week-on-week fluency improvement.

Those scores will show improvement as students are moving through a Learning Track.  However, once a student is switched to a new Learning Track, the fluency will be low at the beginning.


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