Flashcards (Print-Yourself)

We have had requests from teachers who would like flashcards.  If teachers or parents are willing to print them, and cut them out themselves, then we are willing to make the files available for you to do that.  They have to be printed 2-sided on fairly heavy paper, so you can’t see through them.  They look like this.  Click on the links below to open the files from which you can print.

Addition Flashcards (print-yourself)

Subtraction Flashcards (print-yourself)

Multiplication Flashcards (print-yourself)

Division Flashcards (print-yourself) 

The key to the successful use of flashcards is in how you use them.  Here are my directions for flashcards, which will help you make the most out of them–meaning there will be successful learning.  Print these out as well and study them!  Flashcard Directions.