Educator Resources

PRINCIPAL/COACH RESOURCES2012 Administrator Handbook

(note you can also purchase a hard-copy of the Administrator and Coach Handbook.)

  • 100-point Observation form: Observing and evaluating Rocket Math during practice–a must for principals who want Rocket Math to run effectively in their schools.
  • Rocket Math Look-Fors Checklist: What to look for in classrooms implementing Rocket Math (not necessarily during practice)

Quiz your staff to see if they know how to implement Rocket Math effectively! Use the Answer key to lead a discussion.   


  • Rocket Math Fact Fluency Benchmarks: Here are our 2022 recommended benchmarks for math fact fluency to use with the Common Core State Standards.
  • Dr. Don’s Worksheet Checklist: A check list of what you need to do to get going with the Worksheet Program. The items are connected to the directions for how to do each step.  Get yourself organized.


  • Free Assessment of Math Fact Fluency packet.  This packet includes a writing speed test, a goal sheet to help you evaluate student scores in light of their writing speed (very important!) and assessments for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.


  • IndivGraphExamplesRocket Math 2015 Individual Student Graph.
  • An adjustable graph on which to record the results of the 2-minute progress monitoring timings. Start the vertical axis of the graph where the student begins at the start of the year and there will be enough room for the year’s growth.


How to use the Individual Student graph to set fluency goals for IEPs.

Here’s a link to a blog explaining this process which can be used to monitor progress in developing fluency for a single student.

Individual Student Rocket Math Progress Aimlines.


If you indicate on this graph the week in which the student finishes each set in Rocket Math you can tell if the student is making enough progress, or if he/she needs to be getting extra practice sessions each day. If the student is working on a set above the line of gray boxes or on the line then progress is adequate.  Below the line means he/she needs intervention.

Whole Class Rocket Math Aimline in Excel.

See the example to the right.  There are two excel files that you can use to keep track of  student progress doing Rocket Math.  The purpose of these files are to identify students who need to get extra practice sessions during the day.  In the example there are three students who aren’t making enough progress and need more practice sessions daily.  (If the fraction of students making expected progress falls below 70% I’d recommend giving the whole class two practice sessions a day.)  The students aren’t making enough progress to meet the expectations.  The pictured example is in a grade level where a second operation should reach mastery–2nd grade where Addition and Subtraction should be completed, and 4th grade and above where Multiplication and Division should be mastered during the year.




—Want to know the order in which facts are taught?  Here they are listed:


  • NEW!! Rocket Charts for Rocket Writing for Numerals. By customer request we added special Rocket Charts to this program. These are available in the subscription site’s “filing cabinet on the web.”
  • Handouts for Training DVD. Here are the handouts you will want to use to follow along with the training DVD to learn how to use the original, worksheet-based Rocket Math curriculum.