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4-minute Video explanation

Start on tab (M) Comparison Study Dashboard


Rocket Math Online Game has a feature that will enable you to set up a gold-standard, randomized control trial of Rocket Math against whatever else you wish to compare it.  The Rocket Math students will go through a Learning Track in the normal manner, collecting fluency data in the 1-minute RACES as they go–after they finish sets A, i, R and Z.  The control or comparison group will simply take the fluency tests at whatever intervals you choose. You begin by clicking on the button to set up a comparison study.

Set up a Comparison Study

  • Select the Learning Track for the Comparison.  To set up a comparison study  you begin by choosing a Learning Track in which to compare the effects of Rocket Math vs. another condition.  Choose a Learning Track they have not yet started learning, not one the students are already in the middle of learning.
  • How many total students do you want to participate in the study? Enter in how many students are going in the total pool–for both groups, both conditions. From that pool you’ll either choose the students for each condition, or you can let the system randomly assign them.
  • Select how Comparison tests are scheduled.  The Rocket Math students will be given fluency tests as normal, when they finish Set A, Set i, Set R, and Set Z.  You need to select how you want the the fluency tests to be scheduled with the students that are NOT doing Rocket Math.  The default is to assign the fluency tests to the comparison group when half of the Rocket Math students have reached the set where they are tested.  Alternatively, you can Preset fluency tests to be given to the comparison group on dates you set on the calendar.

Select students to participate in the study (both conditions)



  1. Go to your Dashboard to select students for the study.
  2. Put a check mark by the student you want to select to be participants in the study.  If you have available seats you can also add student logins for other students to your account, and then assign them to be participants in the study. (Contact Dr. Don if you don’t have enough available seats to do a study and ask for extra seats. He can give you some extra seats for a study without a charge.) 
  3. Once you have selected all the students, go to Bulk Actions.
  4. From the pull-down select “Assign students to a study pool.”

Go back to Comparison Study Dashboard details to finish set-up

Set up Teacher Mgrs and assign students to conditions

  1. Use the Change button to enter or edit the names of the Teachers you want to manage each group.  If either teacher isn’t already included as a Teacher Mgr in the account, you’ll have to add them.
  2. Once you have enough students selected for both conditions you can assign students to conditions.  We recommend, if you want your study to be publishable to use the green button and assign them to conditions randomly.  If you cannot do that you can select the students with a checkmark in front of their name and use the blue button to assign them to the Rocket Math condition (they just do Rocket Math as usual) or the orange button to assign them to the NOT Rocket Math condition.
  3. You’ll see that students are assigned to the teacher for their condition, so that teacher can oversee them, watch the data and encourage them to take the assigned tests.  This will be a bigger ask for the control or comparison teacher as those students won’t be using Rocket Math daily, but will need to be encouraged to login and take the fluency tests (we call ’em 1-minute RACES) when they are assigned.

The data will be collected and graphed automatically.

As students in both conditions take their fluency tests, the data will be collected here, and averaged and graphed.  Do a study, and let us know about it.  Maybe we’ll display your data here!

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