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(G) Re-roster buttons to fix Clever and ClassLink District accounts

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This only applies to Clever or ClassLink “District” accounts*

If you are in a Clever District or ClassLink District account you’ll see it under “SSO Designator” at the top of the dashboard (as above). It is not possible for owners or co-owners to re-roster their entire District account.  Re-rostering is to be done for the specific school or teacher who has an incorrect roster.  Re-rostering can be done either by the school manager or teacher who notices the problem (#1 below), or can be done by the owner for them (#5 and #6 below).

(1) Re-rostering your own class or your own school

If you are a Teacher Mgr or a School Mgr you can re-roster your own class or your own school.  Scroll down to the buttons on your dashboard, you will see the Re-Roster button (above). This will re-roster only your class (or if you’re a School Manager, only your school).  Use this if your roster is not complete because you’re missing a student or students.  This can be used to re-roster components of an account, without any disruption of users on the account.  It will only take a few minutes and your missing student(s) should be rostered.

(2) Re-rostering a section in your account

If something is incorrect with only one of your sections or one of your teacher’s sections you can re-roster it.  Go to the Sections tab of the admin account and look for the section you wish to re-roster. Click on the “Re-roster” button.  This will re-roster only that section and will not disrupt anyone else.  It will only take a few minutes.

(3) Re-rostering one of your students under Individual Action button

If you have a particular student who is not connected to the right teacher or the right section you can re-roster that student. Under Individual Actions button for that student, on the pull-down menu you will see a “Re-roster student” line item (see above). That will fix the rostering for that particular student.

(4) Re-rostering several of your students under the Bulk Actions button

To re-roster several students in your account, you’ll first have to select the ones you want to re-roster.  Under the Bulk Actions button after selecting multiple students, you will see a “Re-roster selected students” line item (see above). That will fix the rostering for those students without disrupting anyone else.

(5) Re-rostering a Teacher Manager who is in your account

If you as the owner or school manager has one of your teachers complaining that their roster is incorrect, they can re-roster it themselves by method (1).  Alternatively,you can re-roster just the students of the complaining teacher by using the “Re-roster” button (see above) in the complaining teacher’s row on the Teacher Manager page.

(6) Re-rostering a School in your account

If one of your schools complains that their roster is incorrect, the School Manager can re-roster themselves by method (1).  Or you can re-roster just that school’s students by going to the Schools tab and then using the “Re-roster” button in that school’s row of the Schools page (pictured above).

*Library accounts (Clever or ClassLink) re-roster automatically upon login

If you have this kind of account, it will say so at the top of the dashboard.  In these accounts, re-rostering is automatic every time you log into your account.  Be sure you have logged out, and then when you log back in again, the account will be re-rostered with the latest info from Clever or ClassLink.

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