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(C) Fluency test results on dashboard and 3 more places

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Results of 1-minute RACEs are available in 4 places.

1) Fluency Test Results–on your dashboard.

On the top of your dashboard, right under the number of seats in your account are three boxes with Fluency Test Results. By default these boxes show Addition, Multiplication and Identifying Fractions. You can use the pull-down menu to select the fluency test results of any Learning Track in which you are interested.  You can have it show all the students in your account, or pull down to select an individual teacher’s class results instead.


Here is a close-up of one of these boxes.  These are results for the scheduled tests which come after students finish Set A, Set i, Set R, and Set Z.  Set A is like a pre-test, while after Set Z is a posttest.  Set i shows about 1/3 of the way through the Learning Track and Set R is about 2/3 of the way through.  The Answers/minute displayed is the average of all students in the displayed account who have taken each fluency test.  The number of students who contributed to that average (because they did the 1-minute RACE after that Set) is displayed under the average.

So in this account, when looking at the Multiplication Learning Track, 1529 students took the fluency test after Set A and they averaged 11 correct answers per minute.  Then you see that 1106 students have gotten to Set i so far, but they average 15 correct answers per minute by the time they worked their way up to Set i.  Then at Set R the fluency went up to 20 and 720 students in this school had reached that milestone.  Finally, this shows that the 556 students who had finished the Multiplication Learning Track averaged 25 correct facts per minute–showing good fluency.

This data tells you two important things.  First, it tells you whether your students who are working through Rocket Math are learning their facts and becoming more fluent.  Second, it tells you how many of your students are working through the A to Z levels in Rocket Math.  That is the necessary prerequisite for them to learn.   Teacher Mgrs will see this data for their own class, while School Mgrs can see the data for the whole school and owners can see it for the whole account.  School Mgrs and owners have the ability to select for the fluency test results by teacher as well as for the whole school.

2) Export the results from SCHEDULED 1-minute RACEs.

Got to the Review Progress tab.  You may choose to filter your results.  Then click on the pink “Export Functions” button.  You will have the option of exporting filtered results or all the results.  There are four things you can download.  One of them are the scheduled race results.  A file will download to your computer.

See trends as students are working through the Learning Track.

One class’s exported data on Scheduled Races for Multiplication.


The system collects individual student data, but also averages for the class or school.  It displays the average in a graph which summarizes the data for the class on each learning track.  We are only displaying the Multiplication Learning Track in this picture. It shows the steady rise in fluency by recording the average number correct in one minute for each of the four testing spots.  You can see the improvement in fluency as the class moves through the 26 A to Z levels of the Learning Track.

Look down at the actual data.  The top row gives the class average for each Learning Track and after each set.  The second row gives you the number of students who have completed that test and contributed to the average score.  You can see in the Multiplication Learning Track the average among the 45 students who took the Set A test was 8 per minute, but the 15 students who reached Set Z had an average of 25 correct in one minute.

In the rows with the individual student scores, you can see the scores each student makes on each test.


3) Export the results of ASSIGNED 1-minute RACES.

The teacher can assign a 1-minute RACE to be completed by the student or students on the next login.  These could be assigned say on Thursday evening and then students would all do a 1-minute RACE when they next login on Friday morning.  Then on Friday evening the results of the assigned 1-minute RACEs could be exported by the teacher.  Those files would show week-on-week fluency improvement.

Those scores will show improvement as students are moving through a Learning Track.  However, once a student is switched to a new Learning Track, the fluency will be low at the beginning.

4) See latest 1-minute race in the Review Progress screen.

Visible on the Review Progress screen are each student’s latest 1-minute RACE results.  It will be whatever has last been completed, so the scores will not be comparable among students.  You should evaluate the score in the light of the level the student is on in the Learning Track.  Some will be from early in a Learning Track and would be expected to be low.  Other student’s scores will be from late in their progress through a Learning Track and should demonstrate a more fluent result.


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