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(D) Assigning Fluency Testing (1-minute RACEs)

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Assigning fluency tests (1-minute RACES) is a good way to see if students are progressing.  Especially if the Review Progress screen does not show good progress for an individual student, I would recommend assigning a 1-minute RACE to assess what is going on.  I would also recommend assigning a recurring fluency testing class-wide weekly. You’ll be able to the effect of using Rocket Math Online Game.  If the results aren’t what you want, you may want to motivate students to do this as homework each night as well as doing it every day in school.

Assigning Fluency Testing in Bulk Actions.


1) Select the students to whom you want to assign the test 1-min Race, or Select All.

2) Click on the orange Bulk Action button.

3) Pull down to “Assigning Fluency Testing (1-min Races).”

After doing that, in your dashboard you will see options for how to schedule fluency testing. Here’s a video covering the options.  You can assign a one-time 1-minute Race, or you can schedule it weekly or bi-weekly or monthly and assign it a certain day of the week.  You can assign the Learning Track the students are currently studying, or assign a different Learning Track.  Please note: the results from these Assigned 1-minute Races will be in a different file than the automatically Scheduled 1-minute races after the four milestones in each Learning Track (after Set A, Set i, Set R, and Set Z). See the video above for details.

When the students login on the assigned day, they will be given the mission of doing a 1-minute race with ALL the facts in the Learning Track you assigned. They can skip facts they don’t know, by hitting the checkmark.  You can see notification of whatever you’ve assigned in the dashboard. These 1-minute Races will be comparable from one test administration to the next because the problems are randomly chosen from the Learning Track.  Therefore, you can gauge whether or not students are improving in fluency from these tests.

Assign a 1-minute RACE individually once or recurring regularly.

You can assign a 1-minute RACE at any time for specific individuals as well, using the green Individual Action button at the end of their row.

You will see similar options, for whether it’s a one-time or a recurring assignment.  However, on the Individual Action button you will see the option of choosing the “current Learning Track” displayed, and on the pull-down menu.  Obviously, most of the time you’ll want to be measuring improvement in the Learning Track in which the student is working, so that’s the default.  But you can choose differently.


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