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(C) After SSO (ClassLink or Clever) rostering: Merge records of previous work by students

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Secure rostering with ClassLink or Clever creates all new student accounts

When you roster with ClassLink or Clever, it creates all new accounts for your students.  Why you ask?  Because Rocket Math did not collect any PII (personally identifiable information.) Thinking about it, we realized that meant that only the students themselves and their teacher know who goes with which usernames from last year.  Therefore, we couldn’t connect their data to their new ClassLink or Clever created accounts automatically.  But we are keeping their old accounts in your subscription (temporarily) and have this great work-around for the students to merge their old records with the new accounts!

Students can merge their records from before ClassLink and Clever

Most students are motivated not to have to re-do any Learning Tracks.  Therefore, we have enabled a process I call the “Get Records function.” Students can go and get the progress records from their previous time with Rocket Math and merge it with their newly created ClassLink or Clever Accounts.  (See graphics below).  Please note, they have to remember their old login username and password and the account number.

At the beginning of this process, you’ll have double the seats in your account that you purchased, but the extras will be temporary trial users.  As students merge their records their old Rocket Math accounts/seats will go away.  Eventually you’ll only have the ClassLink or Clever seats.  If you don’t, please follow the process to erase the duplicates that are no longer needed.   Please alert your students about this “Get records function” and print out the graphic for them to see.  Note: Some schools have teachers do this instead of the students.  If teachers can impersonate students logging in through ClassLink or Clever, they can then follow the procedure to enter the student’s old username, passcode and account number.

You can see this video of the “Get Records function” for one student in Clever.

Here’s Plan B (if you can’t make this work): send us your list of old usernames.

Plan B involves you or your teachers giving us the real first and last names of any students who have manually created usernames.  Then we can manually match them to their ClassLink or Clever-created usernames and merge the accounts.

If you need to do Plan B, click on the blue “Export Student Logins”  button.  This will export a file (like the one shown below) with an empty column in front of your student’s usernames.  Type in their real names (first and last) next to their old manually created usernames. Then send us the file with their names in it to us to do the merging.


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