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Use the Update Database button to make a lot of changes (such as new teacher(s) or start of new year) all at once.


We have a feature that will allow you to change or “update” your database to change students to connect to new Teacher Mgrs and or start new Learning Tracks for all or most of your students all at once.  See the teal button (pictured above) on your dashboard that says “Update database.”

This update can only be done from within the owner or School Manager’s account. Individual teachers cannot reassign students to other teachers.  The Update Database process will enable you to update as many Teacher Mgrs or Learning Tracks as you want with one import.  Handy for starting or setting up for a new school year!   

To Update the Database you must know the real names to go with the student usernames.

Your teachers must help you.

You need to ask each teacher to use the “Export Student Logins” button to export a spreadsheet with their students’ usernames and a blank column.

The teacher’s job is to enter the student’s actual names next to their usernames.  Because they (and the student) are the only ones who know who belongs to each username.  Have them save the file and send it to you.  If you’re handy with Excel you could combine these into one spreadsheet, or you can print out and access hard copies of this information.  Now that you know the identity of the usernames in your account you can Update the Database.

The Update Database button starts a 3-step process

When you click on the Update Database button, you’ll see the pop-up. pictured below, that tells you what to do, but we’ll cover it anyway.



Step 1 of Updating the Database–get the database file.

You start by hitting “Click here” to get an up-to-date file of all the student logins in your account.  (Hopefully, you do this when no one is around making changes in the student logins or Learning Tracks while you are doing this.) Below is an example of what this file looks like when exported.  It has all your school data in it, but may not include a school code, so you’ll have to add one.  See those directions here.

Step 2–Change this exported file to update your database. 

You can then make changes in this file as you want. However, the only thing you cannot change here is the student usernames (that would just confuse the database!) 

You can change the number of the Learning Track for students to a different code.  You can change the student’s Teacher Mgrs by putting in the email address of a different Teacher Mgr.  This is why you need to know who that username goes to, so you can change them to be connected to next year’s teacher.

Warning: Update Database will only work with emails of Teacher Mgrs who are already in your account. If you have new Teacher Mgrs, input them first before doing this update. 

You can delete the logins of students who are no longer with you.  You cannot add new student logins.  You must use the “Import student logins using a CSV file” to add new student logins.  You can do these changes but leave the username and password intact for existing students, so they can login as they did before.  This will also retain their progress and the record of the Learning Tracks they have completed.


And then Save As CSV (Comma delimited)

Now for the hard part.  After making changes, save the file with a new name but choose SAVE AS and pick CSV (comma delimited) as the file type.  This is the only way it will import.  You can save as Comma Delimited from a Mac if you save it in Google first, then save as Comma Delimited.  Be sure to rename so you know which is the new file!


Step 3–Import the changed database file back into your account.

Now you are ready to import it back again.  Click on the Update Database button.  See the choose file box, and browse to find the new file you just created.  Then click on the blue button to Parse File and it should all happen for you.  You will immediately (well, almost immediately) get a report on this pop-up telling you of any problems.  You may have some rows that will not import because of issues.  You can fix those and re-import the whole file.

As always, we’re here to help if you get stuck. Email us at and a real person will help you.

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