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This feature is necessary for  both:

            1) district-wide accounts with multiple schools and

           2) individual schools that wish to have a school manager or two in addition to the owner. 

School Managers can see their school’s teachers and students and can manage Teacher Mgrs and students.

Go in order!  (1) Add School(s) first, then (2) Add School Managers to the schools before you add Teacher Managers or Students.  

Go to the tab Schools/School Managers and click on it to open that page.

Begin by clicking on the blue “Add School” button .

(Step 1) Add Schools 

Click on Add School button to create or add Schools.  You will see this Add School popup. For each school you need to create a 3 character  code.  This is to simplify importing the rest of the student and teacher data.   Enter the School Name and your 3 character School Code for each school.   (If you have more than five schools, use the green +Add new school button to add another school field to complete). Once you have all your schools entered be sure to hit the green “Create” button.

(Step 2) Add School Managers

You can simply UPGRADE any of your existing Teacher Mgrs to be the School Mgrs. Go the the Teacher Mgr tab and then click on the light blue button at the end of the Teacher Mgr’s row that says “UPGRADE.”  You will have to specify which school they are to manage.

If you need to Add new people to the account to be your School Mgr, click button (2), the Add School Manager button, to add a School Manager to any of the Schools.

 You’ll get this pop-up. 

Enter the School Manager’s First Name, Last Name, and email address, then you create a Password for them

Choose the School for which they will be the manager.  (See why you have to create the schools first?)  Once you have all your school managers listed be sure to hit the green “Create” button.   

We will send your School Managers an email that tells them they have been created in your account, where to login, what their password is and where to get HELP.  It looks like this.

More than 10 School Managers–import with a CSV file  

You can re-use the pop-up for more School Managers.  But for larger numbers of schools, we recommend you import them from a CSV file.

Click on  +Import School Managers from CSV to get the popup below. 

Three steps:

(1) use our required template on which to enter your data. Below see a picture of the template for the School Mgr import.

          Note you create a temporary password for each. 

      Add the 3-character School Code (which you created above) to assign each School Mgr to a school.

(2) Save your file as a CSV (comma delimited) type file,

(3) Import it into the popup.

(Step 3) Add Teacher Mgrs (import with CSV file)

Click here to go to the directions.

(Step 4) Add Students = Assign Logins (import with CSV file)

Click here to go to the directions.

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