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(F) Disable or enable Auto-Advance through Learning Tracks

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Auto-Advance should be enabled by default.

You can check in the dashboard to be sure.  If it is enabled it will be bold with a “+” next to it.  If it is disabled it will have strike-through.

Learning Tracks automatically advance in this sequence from wherever students are placed initially.

Without Auto-Advance turned on, students get stuck at the end of their Learning Track and must wait for you to advance them to the next learning track.  Students rostered through Clever and ClassLink start everyone at Learning Track 1. Addition.]  Those students will go next to LT 2. Subtraction, followed by LT 3. Add-Subtract Fact Families to 10, followed by Add-Subtract Fact Families from 11 and so on.

A student placed in LT 7. Multiplication, will move to LT 8. Division next, followed by LT 9. Mult-Division Fact Families to 20, etc.

You can disable (or enable) the Auto-Advance feature two ways

(1) On the Individual Action button at the right end of each row.


(2) On the orange Bulk Action button for the students you have selected.


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