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(E) Enable (or Disable) Learning Track Alerts

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Why do you want to be alerted when students complete a Learning Track?

You can have an email sent to you* whenever one of your student completes a Learning Track. Why would you need it?

(1) So you are sent the right Learning Track Certificate to recognize their achievement

When a student completes a whole Learning Track, that is quite an achievement.  You want to recognize that to motivate the rest of the students.  To recognize accomplishment, start awarding Learning Track certificates as soon as students begin to finish Learning Tracks.

If you Enable Learning Track Alerts on your dashboard, the system will send you an email notifying you which student has finished a Learning Track AND the appropriate Learning Track certificate will be attached to the email.  How’s that for service?  They are signed by Dr. Don and then you sign as well.  Give them out in your awards ceremony, and obviously these are an even bigger deal than the other awards.

(2) So you can direct them to the desired next Learning Track.

For example, students who have been skipped ahead to start with the Multiplication and Division Learning Tracks need to be moved back to pick up Addition and Subtraction Learning Tracks.  You’ll want to know when they are done with Multiplication and Division Learning Tracks.  Or students who have gone back to Addition and Subtraction and finished Subtraction will need to be skipped over Multiplication and Division to the pre-Algebra Tracks.

You can enable Learning Track Alerts on your dashboard by clicking the orange button that says “Enable Learning Track Alerts.”

If Learning Track Alerts are already enabled the orange button will simply say, “Learning Track Alerts.”  If you click on it you will see two options.  One is the option to change or add email address to receive Learning Track alerts.  The second is a red button that says “Disable Learning Track Alerts.” That’s how to turn them off.

* Or sent to whomever you choose or your self and whomever, with that blue button.


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