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(D) Change Learning Tracks for groups of students

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Generally students finish Learning Tracks individually, one at a time.  If you have Auto-Advance enabled, they will automatically be moved onto the next Learning Track.  If not, the standard way to change Learning Tracks is individually.  How to do that is explained in Learning Tracks (A) Change Learning Tracks (to next one).  If you have only a handful of students that’s the easy way to do this.

This article explains how to change Learning Tracks for a group of students all at the same time.  This may be needed if they are automatically assigned by ClassLink or Clever to the wrong Learning Track when you get started.

Know the Learning Track ID codes 1 through 16

You will have to enter a number for each Learning Track in column C.  The learning tracks are numbered as follows. Jot down the number of the Learning Track to which you want your students assigned.

  1. Addition 0 through 9s
  2. Subtraction 0 through 9s
  3. Add-Subtract Fact Families to 10, example 3+2, 2+3, 5-3, 5-2
  4. Add-Subtract Fact Families from 11, example 4+7, 7+4, 11-4, 11-7
  5. Add to 20, example 13+4, 4+13
  6. Subtract from 20, example 15-3, 15-12
  7. Multiplication 0 through 9s
  8. Division 0 through 9s
  9. Multiply-Divide Fact Families to 20, example 4×5, 5×4, 20÷4, 20÷5
  10. Multiply-Divide Fact Families from 21, example 3×7, 7×3, 21÷3, 21÷7
  11. Identifying Fractions (proper, improper and mixed numbers)
  12. Equivalent Fractions, example 3/6 = 1/2)
  13. Factors & Primes, finding next pair of factors and knowing when done.
  14. Fraction & Decimal Equivalents, e.g 1/8 = 0.125, 1/8 = 125/1000, 8 divided into 1 equals 1/8 and vice versa

Use the turquoise Update Database button

Click on the turquoise Update Database button on your dashboard.  It will take you to this dialog box to tell you how to obtain the database of all your students, and then how to change them all at once.

You will need to follow the three steps.

(1) Click on the link to download an excel file with all of your students login data and the codes for their assigned Learning Track.

(2) In column C: Change the code of each student’s Learning Track to the code of the one you chose from the list of 16, above in this article.  For example, if you’re changing all of your students to Multiplication from Addition–you would change the 1 in column C for all your students to 3.  [Note: put a 3 in the first one and use Ctrl D to copy it down to the rest.]

Then SAVE AS [choosing file type: CSV Comma-delimited] saving the modified file on your computer where you can find it again.

(3) In the dialog box click on “Choose file” and browse to your newly saved, modified file.  Then click the blue Parse CSV button.


If it goes well, it will let you know.  If there are errors, it will tell you which rows had problems and something about the issue, so you should be able to fix those.  If the Learning Tracks are successfully updated, you can go with it and solve any other issues later.


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