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When you want to change something for an individual student, go to the green button at the end of that student’s row that says Individual Action.”  Pull down for an 11-item menu, outlined in green in this picture and choose a function.

Owners and School Managers can change students to any section within the school.  Teacher Mgrs can only change students among the sections assigned to them.

Connect to a different section.

Go to the Individual Action button at the end of their row.  Choose Change section.


A pop-up appears with a list of the available sections in your account.  [Remember you can’t assign students to sections that are associated with a different teacher or school!]

Once you have chosen it, you will see it selected.  It is in a little box with an X so you can delete it if you want.  Once the one you want is showing in the box hit the green “Save” button to make it happen.

You can have more than one section connected to a student (But why?)

If there is an existing section connected to the student it will show in the popup.  You can hit the “X” to remove that section or you can choose to add an additional section. [Can’t imagine why, but it could happen!]  Be sure to hit the green “Save” button to make it happen.

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