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WP–C: How to renew Worksheet Program subscription

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Go to the Subscription Manager page.

When you login to your Worksheet Program subscription account you are taken to this File Cabinet page with the large blue section at the top. The link to the Subscription Manager page is outlined in yellow in this picture.  Click on the Subscription Manager link to, well, manage your subscription.  The “drawers” below are the working parts of the filing cabinet.

If you don’t see the “Subscription Manager” link at the top, then you are not really logged in.  If the middle link on the page says, “Preview Subscription Files” then you are NOT logged in.  You’re in the preview page.  On the upper right of the preview page click on “Subscription Login” to login to your account.  Then you will get into the virtual File Cabinet and you can click on the “Subscription Manager” link.

In the Subscription Manager page.


Above is what the Subscription Manager page looks like.  Below the details is the Renew Button.

When you click the Renew Button, you are taken to a page like this to renew your subscription. You use this if you want to change your subscription too.


Your existing subscription shows at the top of the page.

Customers tell us they can’t remember what they had before, so we display it at the top of the page.  That way you can choose the same thing again if you want.  Or you can choose something different.  You’ll have three choices to make.

(1) Choose number of teachers: 1 to 400

The Worksheet Program is housed in a virtual filing cabinet from which teachers print the worksheets.  How many teachers want to have access to that virtual filing cabinet?  We have individual subscriptions for 1 teacher.  For multiple teachers to have access we have subscriptions for 3, 6, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400 teachers.  You just click on the box for the number of teachers you want to give access.  The price is shown for you.

(2) Choose when you want your subscription to begin.

You have three options, click on the one you want.

(1) Renew when the existing one expires.  This option just keeps it rolling with the existing starting and expiration dates.  We include the starting and ending dates of the existing subscription to help you decide.  If you’re not making any changes, this is the option for you.

(2) Start immediately.  If you’re changing your subscription (adding more teachers or upgrading to Universal) and people want access today, then choose this option.  We’ll automatically give you a discount for any unused portion of your existing subscription, so you won’t waste money.  You will get your new subscription immediately.

(3) Start on this date.  You can click on the calendar and choose the date you want your annual subscription to renew.  Choose this if the current renewal date is not convenient for you.  Most people want the renewal to come just before school starts.

Before adding the subscription to your cart, make sure Subscription Manager info is correct


Your existing subscription Manager name and email should show up here. Make sure it is right or make a change if needed.  Then click on Add to Cart and proceed to checkout.  The Subscription Manager is the one responsible for inviting additional teachers into the account.


Fill out your Billing Details.  If you are logged into a shopping account they will be there for you.  If you have ordered before you can login to your shopping account from LOGIN CENTRAL in the upper right corner of the website.  You can choose to pay with a credit card, PayPal, or if you have an approved PO number you can enter it.  POs are accepted only from schools or school districts and only for a minimum of $60.

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