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WP–B: How do I login to my subscription and access the filing cabinet of worksheets?

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Start at homepage.  Find LOGIN CENTRAL in the upper right corner of the Rocket Math homepage.

Pull down to “Worksheet Program” and click on it.

You’ll see this dialog box titled “Worksheet Login.”


You enter your “Username or email address” and your “Password.”

If you get into the File Cabinet you’ll see this screen.

If you see the word “Logout” as an option in the upper right corner you know are logged into your subscription.

Password not working.  If you do not see the above and it does not work then you entered the password incorrectly (try it again) or you aren’t remembering it correctly.  If it really isn’t working then click on the “Lost Your Password?” link. (Do you see it outlined in red in the login screenshot above?)

That will give you a dialog box in which to enter your login email.


If the system recognizes your email address, the system will send you an email with Password Reset Request for Rocket Math in the subject line.

Password reset email sent to you.  You have to go to your email inbox.  Look for an email titled, “Password Reset Request for Rocket Math.” Open the email.  It should look like the picture above.  The email gives you a link to go to.  Click on the link and it takes you to a page where you can reset your password.  It’s OK to re-use the same password, or at least the one you thought it was.  Then after doing that you’ll be asked to log into your account.

Email not working.  If when you try to set your password, you enter an email address that is not subscribed, you will get the dreaded pink pop-up saying “ERROR: A user could not be found with this email address.”  If this happens, first make sure you typed it in correctly.  Try it again, if you think you’re right.   [Suggestion: Stop and think about whether you might have subscribed with a different email address than this one.]

Note: Sometimes customers accidentally entered their email incorrectly when they first signed up.  Then when they try to get back in with the correct email, it won’t work.   That’s tricky to find but we can help you with that by looking the account up using your first and last name.

You can always ask us for help.  Email with your first and last name and school and let us know it is for the Worksheet Program.  We will be able to locate your account for you.


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