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WP–A: How to purchase Worksheet program

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You can order and purchase the Rocket Math Worksheet Program from our signup page here.

If you are unsure of this program, try the initial, 60-day trial.

All other subscriptions are all for 1 year.  The only decision is how many teachers will need access to the program.  There are subscriptions for Individual teachers, for 3 teachers (plus the subscriber), 6, 20, and 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400 teachers.

Next enter the information about who will be the Subscription Manager.  It can be yourself or you can choose someone else.

Then you add this to your cart.  You can then choose other Rocket Math products or proceed to checkout to pay.

We accept PayPal and credit cards.  We accept Purchase Orders only from schools, only for $60 or more, and we expect that entering the PO number means it has already been approved for payment.

You then are asked for identifying information including your name and email address.  That email address is the main identifier of this account and must be used to access the account in the future.  You use that email address and the password you create to add teachers, renew, upgrade, etc.  Don’t forget it!



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