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(A) Manually change students to new teachers

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To move students to new teachers you must know the real names to go with the student usernames.

Your last year’s teachers must help you.

You need to ask each teacher to use the “Export Student Logins” button to export a spreadsheet with their students’ usernames and a blank column. This is a task that should be done every year, if you think about it.

The teacher’s job is to enter the student’s actual names next to their usernames.  Because they (and the student) are the only ones who know who belongs to each username.  Have them save the file and send it to you.  If you’re handy with Excel you could combine these into one spreadsheet, or you can print out and access hard copies of this information.  Now that you know the identity of the usernames in your account you can change their teachers.

Individually changing the teacher student connection

Only the owner (AKA Subscription Manager) or the School Mgr can change students to a different Teacher Mgr.  Teacher Mgrs cannot do this.  If you are the owner/subscription manager or the School Mgr for your school you can change Teacher Mgrs for an individual student.

You have a file with the students listed, with their username and their new teacher.  Sort them by username.  Then go into Rocket Math and you can sort the students in the dashboard by username.  Then you can just go down the list and change each student individually.

When you want to change something for an individual student, go to the green button at the end of that student’s row that says “Individual Action.”  Pull down for an 11-item menu, outlined in green in this picture and choose a function.

Connect to a new (or additional) Teacher Mgr.

Go to the Individual Action button at the end of their row.  Choose Connect Teacher Mgr. and a pop-up appears with a list of the available Teacher Mgrs in your account.  Choose the one you want and hit the green “Connect” button to make it happen.

You can have more than one Teacher Mgr connected to a student

If there is an existing Teacher Mgr connected to the student it will show in the popup.  You can “X” to remove that Teacher Mgr or you can choose to add an Additional Teacher Mgr.  Be sure to hit the green “Connect” button to make it happen.


Use Update Database button and spreadsheet

If you’re more comfortable working in a spreadsheet you can use the Update Database to change the teacher for each student.  You’ll need their email addresses.  Click this link for the page that explains how to change using the Update Database function.

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