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(C) Engagement: Important to monitor sessions completed

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Completing one session each school day = 10 in 14 days

This chart is always at the top of your dashboard for you to monitor the engagement of your students. If students are completing fewer than 10 sessions in the last 14 days, then they are not doing enough.  They at least need to be working daily on Rocket Math.  If as with the account pictured above, the bulk of the students are under that imaginary line between 8 sessions and 12 session, then that school or teacher needs to work on motivating students to be more engaged.

A session/day at school and at home = 20 in 14 days

If students would do Rocket Math once a day in school and once an evening at home–that would be 20 sessions in the last 14 days.  That would rate them as A+ outstanding and earn them 5 stars.  That’s what we want.  If you get that level of engagement going across the school, you will be amazed at the growth in math scores you will see by the end of the year

Take responsibility for motivating engagement

Teachers will see this graphic on their dashboards.  Principals can see the whole school and can select individual teachers as well.  You see this teacher has all of the students 100%, completing one session in the last 14 days.  That’s good, but not enough.

The key is to give recognition to the hardest workers.  Put their name on the board.  Call them out for praise.  Let them go first to recess.  Give them a gold star.  Just do something to show that you noticed that they are working the hardest in the class. Do that to make the other students work harder to get that kind of recognition.  They can all put in the time to complete sessions.


Motivating Students & Recognizing Effort Keeps Kids Engaged

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