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(D) Export Learning Track Summary

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Export a summary of Learning Tracks from Review Progress page Export Functions button.

If you want only some of the results, begin by filtering the Review Progress page.  If you have filtered your Review Progress page, you will have the option to export only the “Filtered results” or “All” the Learning Track Summary results. You can export the data on selected schools, teachers, or sections only. See below for how to export results for only a few selected students.


Click on the Export Functions button.  Choose “Filtered Learning Track Summary” or “All Learning Track Summary.”  You will get an excel file downloaded to your browser.

Learning Track Summary

The system is collecting data on student progress in all Learning Tracks in which they work.  You will know

  • which Learning Tracks each student completed during the year–and when they completed it,
  • or what level they were on when they left that Learning Track–and when they left it,
  • and which level they have completed so far in their current Learning Track–and when they completed it.

Here is an example of an exported Learning Track Summary (except that I drew all over it so you can notice students are duplicated for Learning Tracks they finished as well as ones that they are in the process of learning).

Students who have worked on more than one Learning Track will have a separate row for each Learning Track they have worked in. You can see a row or rows for what they have finished and then a row for the Learning Track they are in the process of doing.  Next to the name of the Learning Track will be the start date, the end date (or the most current date) and the highest level they have completed.  If it shows Level Z you know they finished that level.  Under that should be the Learning Track that is in process and the level they are in when you exported the data.  If there’s nothing by that student you know that is what they have done in the game–nothing!  The really active students will have several rows for the several Learning Tracks they have worked on.

Export a summary of Learning Tracks from selected students

Step 1: Select the students to whom the action will apply.

Students without a check mark by their row will not receive the intended action.  You need to put check marks in the box at the start (left hand) of the row for every student to whom you wish to apply an action.  You can choose “Select All” from the menu at the top of the column of boxes which will put a check mark in front of all the students who are SHOWING.


Choose how many students to show on your screen. Above the “Select All” button is a choice of how many entries to show on your screen.  It defaults to showing 50 or 100.  Choose Show All entries if you want to see or export the data from all the students in your account.




Step 2: Go to the orange Bulk Actions button.

With the students selected, find the orange Bulk Actions button (above the names) and pull down for a the menu of Actions that can be applied to all the selected students.

Step 3: Choose Export Learning Track Summary

Choose Export Learning Track Summary explained above on this page.


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