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(A) Corrections work but sound is critical

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Corrections in the Online Game are very robust–they work!

Please watch this video to understand how the corrections work in the Online Game. Students are given extra instruction and practice to learn the fact if they are even hesitant.  The process makes little sense if you can’t hear Mission Control giving the correction.

The correction is also explained to students in the BASIC TRAINING-HOW TO PLAY video as well.

Student astronauts must have earphones on to hear:

  • Errors and hesitations corrected.  If the response is incorrect or even just slow, Mission Control shows and says the correct problem and the answer. Then the answer is removed and it says, “Your turn.”  Students can answer only when it is their turn! 
  • Fun sound effects of doors opening, bells dinging, and explosions when sets are finished and destroyed.
  • Commendations by our team. We have a cast of voices that provide praise, applause, cheering, or fanfares after each phase is passed.  Students are really missing out if they can’t hear these quirky narrations of congratulations.
  • Directions for the 1-minute race, for taking a breather and for the congratulations that ends a session.


This is Mission Control.   Can you hear me?


Corrections from Mission Control.  Students need to wait for it!

           The pinkish-orangish screen to the left indicates a correction is underway.  First off, Mission Control says the problem and the answer.  Then it removes the answer and says, “Your turn.”  

          Students cannot type in an answer while Mission Control is giving the correction.

        If students are not listening to the correction through their earphones, they don’t understand why their typing is not working. After Mission Control says, “Your turn,” students can type in the answer.  Another reason why students need earphones!

Encourage students to watch the BASIC TRAINING video.

By the way, here’s a link to the BASIC TRAINING-video I made for them.  (It does not go to YouTube!)  Encourage your students to view it.  It is 9 minutes long. You can see the BASIC TRAINING link in the bottom right corner of the Start page, before or after they play.  In the video, Dr. Don speaks from Mission Control with encouragement and valuable tips on to how to play the game.


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