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(B) Add (purchase) more seats

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In your Online Tutor admin account there is a main “rainbow” navigation bar on the left.

Choose Tab (F) Payment/Renew to add seats.

If you are in the free trial the seats are free.


The fourth step is always to click on the green SUBMIT button.

Choose Tab (F) Payment/Renew to add seats.

To add seats during your subscription, follow four steps:   


 STEP 1 

                  CLICK RADIO BUTTON NEXT TO “Add Seats.” 


Enter how many seats you want to add. You are choosing to add seats to your current subscription.  If you want more seats now, then you’re adding seats, and that will be immediate. 

The cost will be displayed (before you buy) based on the number of seats you want and at the rate based on the number you’ll have when you’re done. See prices below. 

Step 3:  Payment method information

Choose credit card or PayPal to get the lowest price.

Purchase order options–only schools are allowed to use Purchase Orders and with PO’s the minimum charge is $60.  [No matter how little you order, if you have chosen one of the PO options the quoted price will at least be $60. If it looks too expensive, choose option 1 or 2 to pay and you’ll see a lower cost if you don’t use a PO.] 

(Option 3) If you already have an approved PO.  When you click Option 3, the purchase order fields open up.  All the fields in the PO section need to be completed (except the 2nd Street Address) in order for this to go through.  We take that information and create an invoice in QuickBooks which we send to the person you say should get it.  The invoice is due in 30 days. Putting in this PO number means you are promising that such a PO has been approved and for the amount you are incurring.  Be sure to hit the green SUBMIT button when done.

The fourth step is always to click on the green SUBMIT button.




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